Unlike traditional doors, sliding doors run along a track, sliding horizontally to open. There are several different types of sliding doors to choose from, including sliding barn doors or sliding glass doors.

Sliding doors are growing in popularity since they typically take up less space and do not require space to accommodate door swing. Sliding doors are commonly used as exterior doors, and  make excellent patio doors for several reasons. For starters, sliding doors let in lots of natural light, brightening the room. They also allow lots of fresh air to enter the space. Both of these factors help sliding doors give a room an open feel.

Another benefit of opting for a sliding door is the optical illusion they provide. By having large glass planes, it opens up the space, making the room feel larger. This makes sliding doors a great addition to any kitchen, dining room, or living room.

Inside the home, sliding doors are commonly used as closet doors. Using sliding doors on a closet allows you to easily access what is stored inside. They also require minimal floor space. This can be especially helpful if your bedrooms are smaller.

Like the glass sliding doors for the patio, you can also get an optical illusion in your bedroom when you use mirrored sliding doors. Using mirror sliding doors serves multiple purposes. It makes your room appear bigger than it is and acts as a full-length mirror. Whether you opt for a sliding barn door or a sliding door that runs along a track, these doors are a great option for smaller spaces.

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