Panel doors are usually hinged doors that have been divided into vertical or horizontal panels to add design interest.

Shallow or deep routing can be used to create a wide range of different designs, whether you want a traditional or a contemporary look.

You can even include glass or mirrored panels, for added visual appeal and light flow.

The stile and rail construction of these moulded internal doors helps to reinforce the timber against warping, swelling or shrinking.

What are the benefits of panel doors?

• Design interest and appeal
• Traditional or contemporary
• Great choice of materials, styles and designs
• Robust and resilient construction
• Incorporate glass for light flow, or mirrors for style and convenience

• Require space for a hinged door to swing into the room

Which is the best room for a panel door?

These moulded internal doors are a popular choice for use in any room.

They balance style with functionality and can easily be finished to suit your decor.

They also have the resilience and staying power to put up with frequent use in high traffic areas of the home.

Best rooms for panel doors:

• Kitchen
• Living-room
• Dining-room
• Home office
• Bedroom
• Bathroom

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